Monday, January 13, 2014

The Garden of Temptation

The Garden of Temptation

Can you hear me...Even though you muffle my words of love?

Can you see me...Even though you are blinded by another desire?

Can you touch me...Through those walls you put between us?

Can you taste me...Or am I now bland and bitter compared to her?

Can you smell me...Or does my once sweet perfume now make you gag in disgust?

Do you even care that we once shared each other...
In passion, in love, lost in our own world?

Does none of this matter now that you have found a new forbidden fruit?

Remember me, when she tempts you with her poisonous tongue...

Remember me, the one who loves you, when she turns and scorns you the way you have scorned me...

Remember me...

I was the one who got away....

The one that was to be your salvation...

I was the one you came to when all else was lost...

Remember me...

When your heart breaks, you weep in pain, and you need a shoulder to lean on...

Remember that my shoulder is no longer there for you, my dear...

Time may heal all wounds of the flesh, but it cannot heal wounds of the soul nor the heart.

The wound you inflicted upon me, has now been cast upon you...

You must suffer as I once did...suffer until you think the world might end.

Then, and only then, can you ask for my shoulder again...but only as a friend, and never again as a lover.

Why, you ask?

Not all friends can be trusted, but all lovers must be true.

If you cannot be true to a lover, then you are merely a friend with sinful interests.

Right now, I need a lover--one that will be true to me. I do not need a friend, one that may or may not be trusted, nor a friend who's intentions are merely ruled by desire.

That, my dear, is WHY.

Can you hear me now?

Can you see me now?
Maybe...but to me, you are a forgotten memory of a love once lost.

I do not care to see you...hear you...touch you...taste you...nor smell you.

Love has decayed before my eyes, turning from something lush and sweet, into something decrepit and foul.

There is no YOU anymore, nor US, there is only ME and I will live to love again--sooner or later.

Copyright © 2005 Kimberly Mayberry

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